Robert Murray M’Cheyne

To the Rev. H. Bonar, Kelso. Ministerial arrangements-Breathings after holiness August 18, 1842

My DEAR HJORACE,-I laid aside your note, and cannot find it again. I think you ask me for the second Sabbath of November, on my way back from London. I fear I must not do it, but abide by my former arrangement. Mr Hamilton presses me hard to stay two Sabbaths, and I would have agreed, but am to elect elders on the second Sabbath of November. According to the new law of the church, the signed list are read in a meeting of  session on the third Sabbath after the intimation is given, so that I will need to be back, even though I should need to be in Edinburg the week after. If spared then, I shall hold to our former arrangement.   

We have had a very sweet season here during the concert, which was also our communion week. Andrew Candish, Cormick, Cumming, Milne, and Graham from Ireland, all assisted me. We had meetings every morning.

Your scheme was very helpful; I enclose mine. About seven hundred people attended each morning; and on the fast-day, and Sabbaths too. Several souls have been deeply awakened.

I have great desire for personal growth in faith and holiness. I love the word of God, and find it sweetest nourishment to my soul. Can you help me to study it more successfully? The righteousness of God is all my way to the Father, for I am the chief of sinners; and were it not for the promise of the Comforter, my soul would sink in the hour of temptation.

Did you observe that Charlinch Revival took place in the week of the concert for prayer last year? The trials of the Church are near. May we be kept in the shadow of the rock. Farrell! May Jesus shine on you.-Yours, etc.   

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“For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,” Titus 2:11