Creation Moments (Audio)

Cuddly Koalas
King Kangaroo
The Amazing Platypus
Strange and Spiny
First Man of Many
A South African Giant
Runaway Subduction
Did the Building Blocks of Life Begin in Space?
Magical Mutations
Wrong Starting Point, Wrong Answer
Remarkable Hummingbirds
Not What It Says
Ancient Understanding
Ancient Words
Creation of Rocks and Minerals
Did Paul Get It Wrong?
Did Peter Get It Wrong?
Did Jesus Get It Wrong?
Amor afectivo
Life on Mars Yet Again
Creation of Rocks and Minerals
Robot Wars
The Spiny Postage Stamp
Bird Barks and Lizard Growls
Monkey Talk
Smart Leaves
Of Orchids and Bees
God’s Safety Valve?
The Tuatara
Bee Cologne
How Might a Protein Have Evolved?
Global Warming Makes Corals Evolve?
Elephants Evolve Smaller Tusks
Evolution Is Making Us Sick
Is Antibiotic Resistance Evolution?
Do Geologic Layers Prove Deep Time?
Mutant Turtles
Copper Age and Blue Eyes
Fast Water, Quick Canyons
Another Hybrid Human?
Genetic Monkey Business
Bright Camouflage
Biblical Science
The Dead-Horse Arum
Seismic Sayings
Baby May Be in Charge of His Own Birth
Plants Have Immune Systems
Did the Ancients Believe the Earth Was Flat?
Birds With a Memory to Envy
Plants Have Immune Systems
The Mystery of the Fossil Eggs
Return of the Hobbit People
Did the Ancients Believe the Earth Was Flat?
Only a Theory
Designed for Diverse Conditions
A Universe Full of WIMPS
Disappearing Penguins
A Line of Ten
Forcing Matter to Stick
Chance Couldn’t Make Life
The Earth Is Unique
Did NASA Burn Signs of Life on Mars?
Did Stressed Chimps Walk Upright?
Metalworking Before the Flood
Smart Leaves
Fast Water, Quick Canyons
Hornbills that Understand Monkey
Tickled Locusts
Fossil Inventory: Surprises for Some
The Early Bug Gets the Water
Loving Snakes
Paul’s Adam
Man and Creativity
Catastrophe on Uranus
Giant Jupiter
Beautiful Saturn
Neptune in Darkness
Two Creation Accounts or One?
Stone Age Monkeys
What Science?
Ashes, Dust and Entropy
Did Birds’ Lungs Evolve?
Our Own Efforts
Clutching at Straws in Space
Exoplanets and Evolution
No Long Bacon from T. Rex
You Will Not Surely Die
A Question of Doubt
So-and-So Said It
Old Fossil Ape Skull Is a Bit like Ours
When Did Satan Fall?
Did God Create Satan?
Rejoice in God’s Goodness
Dinosaur Bones Not Always Fully Fossilized
Rube Goldberg Flukes
lHow Long Can Bacteria Sleep?
Living Fossils, Evolution’s Oops
The Elusive Okapi
Respect for Velociraptor
Giant Jupiter
An Island Is Born
The Missoula Flood
The Sands of Pluto
Left-Handed Amino Acids
Livestock, Creeping Things and Beasts
Swarms in the Ocean
God Created Insects
Peoples of the Americas
For Signs, Seasons, Days and Years
He Made the Stars Also
Fruit According to Its Kind
The Expanse
Earth Before Sun
Another Cost of Divorce
Don’t Be Fooled by the Illusions of the Sinful World
Cicada Racket Is Designed
How to Set a Scientist Humming
Eating Your Way to a Better Mood
Those Clever Siberian Chipmunks
Where Does Oil Come From?
Dinosaurs on the Ark
Mathematical Flowers
Fantastic FractalsRemembering Apollo 8
Yeti Crabs
Don’t Forget the Chocolate
The First Beak
The End of Pompeii
Oil in the Rock Can Storms on the Sun Kill Here on Earth?
Names of the Patriarchs
How Did Moses Write Genesis?
Did Genesis Have Four Authors?
A Possible Treatment for Malaria
Attentive Parents Give a Lasting Gift
Noah’s “Impossible” Ship
Can the Sun Cool the Earth?
How Ancient Is Ancient?
Gecko Physics
Genesis and Revelation
Philosophy in Vain
It’s a Long Distance
Lost Millions
Noah Found Grace
Life on Titan
Bird-Hipped and Lizard-Hipped Dinosaurs
The Golden Number
Neanderthals Were Caring People
Not-So-Primitive Stone Age
Human Evolution: Are We All Equally Evolved?
Did Early Sub-Humans Exist and Interbreed?
Watching Steve
Teenagers and the Bible
A Volcano, an Island, and the Gospel
Trilobite Farmers
Away from the Fire an Ember Goes Out
Homeless Planets
The Dinosaurs of Written History
Conchs In Space!
Fly Genome Puzzles Evolutionary Scientists
Exact and Inexact Numbers
The Generations of the Heavens and the Earth
Blue Sky Thinking
The Generations in Genesis
Original Readers of Genesis – Part One
Praise God for Evolution
Homo Divinus
Walking with Lucy
Fossils Can Be Quick
Lessons from Fossils
Speaking Through Cave Art
Death by TV
Domesticating People
Excitement About Exoplanets
Evolution and Logic
Evidence of Fossils
Radio-Carbon and Vikings
Cheddar Man
Insects on All Fours
Survival of the Cockroach
The Mystery of Octopus Intelligence
World’s Most Unsual Lake Challenges Evolution
Get the Scop on Nuts!
Another 19th Century Creationist
Speed of Light Reveals the Unlimited Mind of God
Bees Have a Hot Line of Defense
Can Stroms on the Sun Kill Here on Earth?
The New Creation
A Race for Evolution
The Other Evolutionist
Darwin’s Deep Time
Darwin and Malthus
Darwin’s Childhood Influences
Darwin’s Peresvervation of Favored Races
Molecules on the Back of Cystals
Dominion Not Domination
Human Evolution Dates Change Again
Music In Mind
Where Did The Elephant Get Its Trunk?
Art For Cavemen’s Sake
Remember To Eat To Remember
Minsterios DE LA Pirana
A Transpiration of Delight
Appealing to Evidence
George Stanley Faber
Thomas Chalmer’s Gap
Were There Lots of Floods?
Oceans Reborn
Confessing Creation
Does the Earth Have a Thermostat?
Boys Training to be Girls
Two Noses Are Better Than One
Babies Baffle Evolution
Race For The Pyramids
Screen Actor Octopus
Faster than the Speed of Light
Structure of Atoms
Luther’s Six Days
Luther on Genesis
Twentieth Century Cavemen
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Is the Fetus Human?
Was the Flood Really Global?
The Gospel in the Rocks
A Hobby for Christians
Four Powerful Words

“For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,” Titus 2:11
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