Todays Gospel Authentic or Synthetic

Tradition in evangelism

No sincere Christian intends to deceive sinners. In love for souls, true evangelicals invariably present some profound truths in their witnessing. Yet by the unconscious omission of essential ingredients of the Gospel, many fail to communicate even that portion of God’s Word which they mean to convey. When a half truth is presented as the whole truth, it becomes an untruth.

Though the answer may be painful, you must ask if your church, your missionaries, your evangelists, your Sunday school teachers, and you yourself, are preaching our Lord’s Gospel.  Though the answer may bring discomfort, conflict, misunderstanding, and loss of friends, you cannot dishonour God by ignoring His truth. If you are unwilling to take a firm stand on the content of the Gospel, then say no more about zeal, sacrifice and activity. If you are not willing to insist that the ‘story to tell to the nations’ be precisely Jesus’ story, why go on with ‘evangelism’ and ‘missions’ at all?   Walter Chantry

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“For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,” Titus 2:11