The Virus, the Movement


Welcome to the “new normal” of America 2020. It is the world of postmodern absurdity that claims as its fundamental tenet that there is no such thing as truth. Of course, the claim itself is a contradiction—if there is no such thing as truth, how can the claim be true? But no matter, nothing—not even logic—can be allowed to interfere with the new orthodoxies of the day. They are the principles of the new world order, principles comprised under the name Worldthink. Permit me to describe the “new normal” of America (and indeed of the world) in 2020. We are now in Year 1 of Our Great Leader (OGL), and the devoted citizens of Area 2 (formerly North America) are rapidly adjusting to the new truth. I am of course applying the terminology of Oldthink: words such as truth, logic, honesty, and God. In Worldthink truth is science, honesty is transparency, God is The Leader. And what of logic? The redefinition of logic has been the biggest challenge for the language committee of Worldthink. As a concept, it has proved most difficult to abolish, not least because they have found, to their chagrin, that you need logic in order to deny logic. This is true because 20 | SWORD AND SHIELD without the law of noncontradiction you cannot, of course, deny any proposition or say that it is false. But the committee assures us that with the input of leading “thinkers” from Harvard, Princeton, and Berkeley they will soon have a fix for this troublesome concept. The victory of The Movement, leading to the creation of The Community, was stunning. Many in what was formerly known as the Western World were bewildered, even shocked, at the speed of events and the absolutely sweeping character of The Movement’s victory. In the space of just three months, the old order, characterized by private enterprise, constitutionalism, nominal Christianity, and private property, was overthrown. While many of the older generations, who clung to the culture and practices of the old order, were genuinely shocked at the speed of its demise, not so millennials and Generation Z. They were always in the vanguard of The Movement. Specifically, white middle-class, college-educated millennials and Generation Zs were the stormtroopers of The Movement. After all, they had been assiduously groomed and indoctrinated in Worldthink the whole way through public school and college. Even in the so-called Christian colleges, through the vehicles of their state-mandated “diversity departments,” these young people had been taught at least to tolerate the new world order and its way of thinking—Worldthink. This was manifest, to the great pleasure of the thought leaders of The Movement, in the abundance of Coexist and Tolerance bumper stickers in the parking lots of Calvin and Hope universities. Such outward displays of the youths’ devotion and loyalty to the principles of Worldthink reached their zenith in the summer of 2020, when, at the command of Our Great Leader, it was not uncommon to witness these devotees persistently adorned with face masks while they were outdoors in conditions of 90-degree heat and extreme humidity! A truly religious fervor (if only “religion” was comprised under Worldthink). During late May and June, the elite troops of The Movement spearheaded the final push to victory. In what The Movement now celebrates as The June Days, the soldiers of Black Lives Matter (BLM) swept away all remaining outposts of old order resistance. No institution of Western society could withstand their assaults. When the last president of what was known as the USA sent his best forces against them, it was all to no avail. So invincible were the soldiers of BLM that the forces sent against them ended up taking the side of BLM. This was evinced in the spectacle of police chiefs’ “taking a knee” with BLM and in some cases joining its marches. These elite troops quickly overcame any remaining old order resistance: police stations were burned down and their officers committed to reeducation programs; corporations were forced to espouse the principles of Worldthink, and those who refused had their buildings burned down and property looted; the halls of academia enthusiastically joined the volunteers of BLM (having long been infiltrated with the principles of Worldthink anyway). Such was the irresistible power of The Movement manifested in BLM that churches rushed to display BLM signs alongside their rainbow flags. Not only could no institution of Western society withstand their assaults; neither could any symbol of the old order. In common with every revolution, the symbols of the old order were replaced with those of the new. In those heady days of June and July 2020, down came all the symbols of the old, corrupt, racist, patriarchal, capitalist, heteronormative society. Statues of such racist, patriarchal fiends as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were enthusiastically thrown down all over the former USA. Streets, buildings, cities, and schools bearing their names were all renamed after the heroes of this new revolution. Preceding the removal of such symbols, and as a softening-up exercise, had been the removal of statues of former generals in the South of the former USA, men whose names are deemed by The Movement so intolerable as to warrant their complete expunging from the lexicon of Worldthink.

The Virus
In addition to, and in parallel with, the assiduous efforts of white, middle-class, college-educated millennials and the doctrinal zealots of BLM, there was another factor operating for the destruction of Western society. It was an insidiously clever tactic, insidious in that it clothed its real aim in the garb of compassion. It was “the virus.” More precisely, it was the responsFchristianse to what was called the virus. That there was some kind of virus infecting populations of the world was not in dispute. That it severely affected some people with respiratory ailments and those with weakened immune systems was not in dispute. What was in dispute was the mortality rate—the proportion of those testing positive who died of it. Sometime around mid-March of 2020, Western governments became concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 virus. They were concerned about how quickly this “new” virus was spreading to their countries from China. The fact that it spread from China seemed to add to the threat, with various conspiracy theories circulating around this fact. But whatever the source of the virus, the thought leaders of The Movement quickly recognized it as a powerful tool in their arsenal. The Movement had for the longest time been inculcating its worldview—Worldthink—in the public education system and especially the colleges. We shall give more attention to this worldview later, but for now suffice it to say that one tenet of Worldthink became incredibly SWORD AND SHIELD | 21 potent in The Movement’s use of the virus: science is truth. Do not underestimate the power of this tenet. One underestimates the power of the belief that science is truth at one’s peril. Alas, how the Western world was brought to abject submission and sniveling obeisance before the great god of science as in a moment. One after another, The Movement paraded the high priests and prophets of science. There they were, seemingly ubiquitous: on the TV screen, the radio, social media, and the printed page. They were there with their intense frowns, their dire predictions of millions of deaths, their prophecies of ravaged bodies and strewn corpses, of hospitals overrun and healthcare systems collapsing, and all backed up with figures and data. Oh yes, data. Scientific data. Scientific models predicting two million deaths from the virus in the USA alone. And who, WHO could possibly gainsay or question the data? For after all, science is truth. Nothing and no one could stand before “the science.” Such had been The Movement’s success in inculcating Worldthink that no one seemed able to articulate any alternative. The right to private property that had existed since the Magna Carta almost a millennium ago was an immediate casualty. At first it was restricted, then abolished. At the commencement of “the virus,” surrounded as always by the scientific and medical “experts,” OGL solemnly pronounced in grave and urgent tones, “In the face of this deadly virus that will undoubtedly wipe out countless millions, we must shut down the economy. This is necessary to prevent the spread.” In support “the experts” brought forth graphs showing steeply rising infection rates and mortality rates in the millions. Their consensus was that we must limit the spread by lockdown and social distancing. We must, they said, have a twoweek lockdown. Some doubted that a whole economy could be shut down and reopened in two weeks, but OGL had said so, and that was enough for most people. The economy was duly shut down, and within three weeks most people seemed to forget the facts of almost full employment and a booming economy. The right to own a business and collect the profits thereof is part of the right to private property. Free enterprise had been a bedrock of the previous world order. It was essential to individual freedom that one could use his God-given abilities to develop a business, run it on the profit motive, and then enjoy the fruits of his labor as he chose. The Movement understood this very well. As devoted disciples of Karl Marx (one of their founding fathers), they understood the need to get rid of private property if they were ever to realize The Community— their new world order in which everyone is beholden to the State. But try as they might, the realization of The Community had proved elusive. It had worked for a while in the Soviet Union and in China, but they could never seem to establish it in the West. Now, with the virus, they saw their chance and seized it. Having been taught the scientific worldview for a hundred years, the people believed the experts. They would not have believed politicians telling them to shut down the economy, but the word of medical experts… who could possibly gainsay it? Some protested. They were business owners who watched their life’s work go to ruin. As the two weeks became four and then six, some owners tried to reopen, only to be visited by The Public Safety Committee. The offenders were heavily fined. Condemned as “greedy capitalists” who imperiled public safety, these offenders were publicly shamed on social media. The worst were handed over to The Doctrine Committee of The Movement for, as it was termed, “additional instruction in the principles of Worldthink.” The principles of Worldthink were now applied to economics. The Economic Committee announced the new principles on which the economy would now be organized. There would be common ownership of the means of production; the principle of the market (the profit motive) was declared illegal. This was all necessary—we were assured—in order to deal with the virus. Ah, yes, the virus, what changes hath it wrought! The word went out: “We must shut down the economy in order to stop the spread of the virus, and then The Economic Committee will decide when and under what circumstances it can be reopened.” We were assured the economy must be put on a completely new footing in order to deal with the virus, and only The Movement could be trusted with it again. If I may attempt to interpose a modicum of sanity at this point, it might seem somewhat absurd and illogical to shut down an economy because some people are sick; it is akin to saying, “I didn’t buy any turnips today because the apples were bad.” But remember we are now in a postmodern world where the rules of logic no longer apply, or at least where truth is just whatever you want to make it. It is a world where dentists and engineers are deemed “non-essential,” but abortion clinics are “essential.” But we must delve back into the insanity of our brave new world. There was much talk of the evils of social and economic inequality and how the new system would “share the wealth.” The Economic Committee quickly began sharing the wealth by issuing what were called “stimulus checks” to all the people who had lost their jobs (more accurately, all those who had been put out of work). This measure was hailed as “fair,” “compassionate,” “necessary.” It won the masses to the cause of The Movement, not least because people soon realized they were better off sitting at home than working. The measure was so popular, in fact, that it was decided just to give everybody 22 | SWORD AND SHIELD three thousand dollars. Everybody wondered why economic policies so agreeable and generous had not been thought of before and were quickly assured that it was all a testimony to the genius of OGL. And so the new economic system was established. It was known as “the collective system” or “the communitarian model.” The profit motive was castigated as corrupt and owning private property egregious. Only the leaders of The Movement and their friends—the politicians and leaders of the big corporations (they being unquestionably orthodox in the principles of Worldthink)—could be trusted to use their property and wealth for the interests of The Community. Some people scratched their heads and wondered about this, thinking it a contradiction. They were referred to The Doctrine Committee, who soon remedied their concerns. It was understood that The Movement would decide who could buy and sell. Only those who espoused the aims of The Movement and who confessed OGL as their mighty deliverer and savior could find a job. And only those who confessed this and displayed his Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Commandments were permitted to run a business. This the Christians refused to do. Hence, Executive Order 499 was promulgated: “Those who refuse to confess OGL as their savior, neither will display his holy commandments, are forthwith excluded from all economic participation.”

The Christians
There were some who remembered there had once been another source of truth. At one time, before The Movement and The Age of Enlightenment, it was widely believed there was a book called the Bible. At that time, many believed this book to be the very word of God. They believed the Bible was a miracle of inspiration by which God spoke his own words through men. As such, they held it to be the supreme authority for what they were to believe and how they were to live. These people were called Christians because they followed the one revealed in the Bible, Jesus Christ. There were still some of these people around during the revolution that brought The Movement to power. They refused to join the revolution and stoutly opposed it. But they were soon criminalized, no place being found for them in The Community. Their crimes were legion, but among the worst was their outspoken opposition to Worldthink, closely followed by their insistence on meeting for public worship during “the virus.” The latter led to widespread and hysterical denunciations of them all over social media as dangerous radicals who threatened the safety of The Community. Pictures of them, meeting in public! indoors! unmasked! with no number limit! featured in every social media feed and headline. Then there were the headlines screaming their heretical pronouncements: “Jesus Christ is king over all”; “We reject The Leader as antichrist”; “The Bible, not science, is truth”; “Pestilence is a sign of Christ’s coming: repent and believe the gospel!” The populace was shocked! Stunned! Outraged! Aghast! “What need we any further witness? For we ourselves have heard from their own mouths,” they concurred. The demand and petition arose to The Leader, “We would be rid of these Christians!” A loud and incessant demand, everywhere repeated, social media abuzz with it, flashed across every LED screen, hysterically chanted during morning and evening “community times.” What could The Leader do but accede to the loud and impassioned pleas of his people? And so Executive Order 501 was promulgated. The Christians were silenced; their places were found no more. In addition to the Christians, a few others raised their voices against the science of The Movement. That there could be, and in fact were, other scientific models put forward as an explanation for the spread and course of the virus mattered not. There was, for example, the model of herd immunity. As with any virus, once a population is infected it builds an immunity to the virus. It seemed that the low incidence of COVID-19 in California, when other parts of the USA were recording high rates in March and April 2020, was linked to the high incidence of flu-like symptoms there in November and December 2019. The argument was that California had COVID-19 before the rest of the nation and had herd immunity. This would then explain why it recorded markedly lower rates of infection in March and April. This is a viable explanation of the course of the virus. So why would it not then gain widespread acceptance? The repudiation of the therapeutic drug hydroxychloroquine could also be mentioned as evidence of the misuse and abuse of scientific knowledge—the use of this drug did not fit the political agenda. The reason the theory of herd immunity gained no traction is simple: it advances no political, globalist agenda. The very plausible theory simply says, “Leave it to the body.” A healthy human body has its own incredibly advanced defense system against invaders. It is called the immune system. But The Movement saw early how fears of a putative worldwide pandemic could be harnessed to its agenda. The Movement sent out its missionaries, carrying the gospel of science to every quarter of the globe. They preached dogmatically their sermons of scientific data. They warned their terrified listeners to flee the wrath of the virus to their own homes, where they were to “self-quarantine” for weeks. But above all, they pointed the distressed and comfortless citizens to Our Great Leader as the object of their trust.

The Emergence of The Leader
Our Great Leader assumed power on an unprecedented wave of hysteria that crashed over the Western world during the spring of 2020. The dire assessments and predictions of the scientists and the medical bureaucracy had their desired effect. The populations were warned of their impending doom if they did not put their complete trust in OGL. In his daily appearances, surrounded by “the experts,” our Leader assured the cringing populations that if only the people would adhere without question to his prescribed measures, all would be well. Upon the conclusion of his speeches, all the people dutifully responded, “All this we will do.” Always following him to the podium were “the experts.” Yes, the experts. They were the high priests and prophets of science. They would bring forth their divine revelations of data. Data! Scientific data! Oh, the words themselves have such mesmerizing power! Who, pray WHO, can stand before them? The Leader was quick to formulate, announce, and enforce the new doctrines of society. The speed with which the people accepted and imbibed these new orthodoxies was truly astonishing. Who could have imagined that within the space of barely three months the old order, which had existed largely intact for the best part of a millennium, could be swept away? It was as if the Western ideals of individual freedom, limited government, nation states, free enterprise, and Christianity had never existed. Instead of faith, family, and freedom, the watchwords became science, community, and safety. From the youngest child to the senior, these watchwords [SCS] became their creed. On every billboard, credit card, and identification card the letters SCS were emblazoned over the seemingly benign face of our Leader. But The Leader would draw closer still, for not only did he become our Leader; he became also our guardian and protector. Such was the people’s love and devotion to him for delivering them from the virus (some even declared it to be miraculous) that, overcome with emotion, they enthusiastically acclaimed Executive Order 500: “It is hereby proclaimed by Our Great Leader, and as a token of his undoubted care and unfailing affection for his people, that together with SCS his face become the image on every personal device home screen.” With one accord the people acclaimed this as indubitable evidence of The Leader’s extraordinary wisdom and benevolence. For now, every time we open our devices to learn the principles of Worldthink and to receive with joy the proclamation of the latest executive orders, we are reminded of Our Great Leader and his unfailing care. After all, our Leader had saved the Western world. As the director of the World Health Organization, he had stepped forward in the hour of need: “Cometh the hour, cometh the man.” Indeed, and what an hour! For some time, the people had been subjected by their media to dire warnings of imminent war with China. But now the virus. Millions would certainly die. In the United Kingdom alone the “experts” predicted a million deaths (in a country of fifty-six million). The cry arose, “Peace and safety.” This was the hour, but what of the man? Fostered by the dire prophecies of the scientists and a hysterical media with its constant and breathless reports of “spikes” and “surges,” the cry of the hapless populace became a demand. “We must take action; we must limit the spread; we must do all in our power; we must have lockdowns; we must have executive orders (hundreds of them); we must have masks…and we must have someone.” Ah, yes, the cry for someone. It is the cry of man from the beginning. It is the cry for a Nimrod, a Nebuchadnezzar, a Caesar, a pope, a Napoleon, a Lenin, a Hitler, a president. It is the cry of man for a man; for a man of extraordinary genius who can alleviate all mankind’s ills by establishing the worldwide kingdom of man. It is a cry that is as old as history itself. And herein lies part of the explanation for the clamor for Our Great Leader: only those who have learned history understand that all previous attempts at world rule have ended in misery and the deaths of millions. But the schools of the West had long ago eschewed the teaching of history. In the place of the broad sweep of world history they substituted themes: themes such as black history, women’s rights, and social justice. And now in Year 1 of OGL, world history is replaced by the history of The Movement. But the real explanation—the one determining and lying behind all others—is that of the Bible, namely that a sovereign God, according to his eternal purpose, raised up The Leader. The real name of The Leader is antichrist. There were some who understood this and who identified The Leader as antichrist. They proclaimed this publicly (it was known then as preaching), but with the same general clamor and hysteria that elevated The Leader, they were denounced as disturbers of the peace. For after all, we must have peace and safety! “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (1 Thess. 5:3). —Philip Rainey

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